Prophetic Words for 2013 – Born for such a time as this

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Prophetic Words for 2013 – Born for such a time as this.


Prophetic Words for 2013 – Born for such a time as this

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Every January I do a 21 day fast and pray for the year ahead. Its been three years of consecutive fasting and consecutive breakthrough. I have found breakthrough in understanding what God wants to do in the seasons that lie ahead and then partnering with those words released by the prophets. In 2010 I was watching christian television and a man was sharing his thoughts on 2010. He said that 2010 would be a year of household salvation and increased blessing. I remember God promising that my family would come to know the Lord in much deeper way. So I fasted and I prayed for many family members including my best friends family. At the end of 2010 and into 2011 I realized God’s faithfulness to time and promises in a way that would shape me forever. My family was saved and more than that extend family, my best friends family and so many friends in that year. I took that Word and ran with it and saw salvation come to my household.

In 2012 many we excited. Twelve is the number of God’s Government and Order and so we waited and watched to see what God was going to do this year. Again, I fasted in January for 21 days and said to God I am expecting my life to be put into your divine order. Nothing prepared me for what God’s divine order looked like. In 2012 I was part of a revival that saw many come to the Lord. Revival’s don’t really look very orderly. I quit my job and took many steps of faith that really didn’t feel like order to my life at all. So I realised it was God who was going to bring order. I did not have to go back to work as God provided for me financially. I know this sounds crazy. It’s really true and without financial concern I could focus on something I really wanted to do ministry or more so Bible College. When God said I would study overseas I never imagined it would happen three months after me resigning and soon I was in Redding, California. I am now studying at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. God cleared any debt I had and with that brought many areas in my life and heart to order. I really wish this year didn’t need to end but lets look ahead to 2013 and see what looks exciting in the times and seasons ahead. Thirteen is not a number which many call bad luck. Let’s not partner with superstition but partner with what God is saying. This is what God revealed to me and also a Prophet at my school, Ben Armstrong.

The year 2013 will be a year in which the Book of Esther will once again come alive.

Esther 4:14

14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

  • The year will be a year of deliverance, just as the jews were delivered so you will be delivered from things holding you back and strongholds in your life
  • The year will be a year of Divine Justice, just as Haman was hanged so you will receive vindication from the Lord for injustice that you endured, whether in your body, finances, spiritual attacks, reputation.
  • Remembrance, God will remind people of you and they will come bearing gifts like the King who had a dream
  • There will be shifts in Power and more women will be released in ministry like never before from this year on to take their place.
  • The end of three seasons of purification will come and then you will be presented to the King. Expect personal encounters with the Lord
  • God will extend his scepter and you will be able to touch it and ask him for what you want. Make your requests known
  • This will be a year of radical faith where we ask to be given Nations. Think of Heidi Baker. God gave her Mozambique and she planted hundreds of churches and founded schools and orphanages throughout Mozambique and the world. Esther asked for a nation.
  • The favour with Kings and men will increase
  • Just as Esther was mentored by Mordecai so will the Esther’s of this generation be covered by Fathers of Faith
  • Orphans will come into the Kingdom and discover their identity
  • The year will be one where sorrow will be turned into joy – Purim
  • There will be a breakthrough in harvesting in the months of March/April. The month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar. This is a season of ripeness and revealing of who Esther’s are.
  • Esther comes from the tribe of Benjamin. Benjamin means son of my right hand. Right Hands are known for authority, government and rulership. Isaiah 41 verse 10. God says I will lead you by the right hand. God will reveal more to His children about plans in Government.
  • God will show favour to those who work for the people and are concerned for the welfare of others. Favour on missionaries in difficult countries. Closed countries will open their doors to missionaries. Esther found favour in a foreign land.

Esther 10 verse 3

Mordecai the Jew became the prime minister, with authority next to that of King Xerxes himself. He was very great among the Jews, who held him in high esteem, because he continued to work for the good of his people and to speak up for the welfare of all their descendants.

Pray into it and expect 2013 to be a year that will transform your life.

Dream Interpretation – Help to understanding dreams

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Dream Interpretation – Help to understanding dreams.

Dream Interpretation – Help to understanding dreams

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I want to remember this dream

Dream Tips

  • Context: Where your dream takes place is often the context of what its about.
  • Keep it Simple: Reduce the dream to a simple form/theme/message.
  • Colors: Colours mean different things
  • Symbols/Numbers: Very important to note (biblical and personal meaning).
  • Creatively Record: Writing/drawing/painting etc. your dream out in prayer will release revelation.
  • Share: Sharing the dream with other carefully selected like-minded believers will release more revelation.
  • Practice: Skill is a part of dream interpretation, so practice & study to develop the fullness of your gift.
  • Character Source: God’s dreams will always have part of His character in them.
  • Your Own Dream Language: Important to get to know your own meaning attached to things/people/places as well as the spiritual meaning. God values your “language”.
  • Dream Recall: Always can be developed. Blockages can be dealt with. Memory can be trained. Time, practice & prayer will increase it!
  • Image Purity Brings Clarity: The cleaner your thought life/imagery is in the day, the clearer your dreams will be in the night.
  • Quantity: If you are faithful with what you are given and desire more, God will increase the quantity.
  • Sphere of Influence and Depth: Usually the kinds of dreams you have will reach as far as the direct sphere of influence God has given you. (ex. workplace, family, church, city, nation )
  • Prepare your heart before going to sleep. Take time to bring your heart to a peace filled state. Take time to pray and ask for dreams in the night. Posture your heart to EXPECT dreams to come.
  • Don’t discard your dream prematurely! Until you have put your dreams through the authenticity tests, keep them, value them, treasure them. Regardless of what your natural mind thinks of them, write them down and put the content through the sifter to see if there are any nuggets of gold hiding in them. You can learn something from all dreams. Feel free to discard the ones from evil sources.
  • JESUS of course is the centre of all we do. Keep Him as your greatest desire and walk through the process of dream interpretation as an interactive relationship builder with the Lord

These tips were found on

Favoured to save a nation

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Favoured to save a nation.

Favoured to save a nation

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She was favoured to Save a Nation – Katherine Kuhlman

I like the saying “You can’t fight a man with favour!” The saying broken down could sound more like this “You can’t fight a man who God chooses to show God’s grace too!”

The more I read about favour the more it interests more even more. I know God loves us all the same but why does He favour some more than others. We look at some people’s wealth, businesses, family lives, ministries and we wonder to ourselves. Why is this person so liked by God? Everything they touch seems to turn to gold and everything they seem to dream comes to existence. Lets look at some people’s favour.

Esther, the queen of the jews who saved a nation from extinction when the King ordered the death of all the jews. Here we have a woman who is raised by her cousin as his daughter because both her parents have died. Her cousin treats her like his own daughter. He enters her into a beauty pageant when then King is looking for a new queen because his current queen has put his name into disrepute. So there begins this increase amount of favour. She is selected from all the maidens. Then receives the best position in the palace from other maidens and is then selected by the King to be queen. Favour extends even further when she is granted access to speak to the King without him summoning her. Something she could have been killed for. Her request is then followed out by the King. Her childhood looked bleak, her teenage years probably not happier either but for some reason God said Esther you will be the one who I will use to save a people. She was favoured to save a nation.

We can look at another character. The character of Joseph. The dreamer of dreams. A young boy who was favoured by both God and his own father to such an extent that people wanted to kill him. His own brothers couldn’t stand him because his father displayed his favour on Joseph so openly. Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel and Jacob gave Joseph a cloak of many colours. Can you imagine how it must have felt for the other brothers? To have this son parading his cloak around you and having him watch over you. The brothers wanted to kill him and eventually settled on selling him as a slave. There’s something they forgetting though. Favour rests on Joseph and you can’t stop a man with favour. Joseph finds himself in many predicaments that some of us would have cringed for and said we should have just died in the pit but his favour gets him into high places. From being thrown into prison to managing the prison to eventually managing a nation. Who God selects man cannot stop. Joseph was favoured to save a nation.

The pattern continues with the story of Moses. A jewish boy who was supposed to be killed as a baby but because of favour and a very wise mother saw his life shift. From being a normal jewish baby to being found by a Pharoah’s sister. Basically a princess said I want to adopt him after finding him into a basket in a river. His biological mother is then called to nurse him. Moses is educated in a palace as a son even though he is of Jewish decent. Moses runs away into the wilderness where God fetches him. Moses had to return to lead the jews out of Egypt. God did not have him saved for no reason. God did not have him reared in a palace for no reason. Moses was favoured by God to perform a particular task. He was favoured to save a nation.

Your favour is never for you but because God loves the people around you, hence he chose you – Bill Johnson

When favour shows up in our lives we start to look at the wealth, miracles, signs, wonders, positions, influence and so many other doors God opens to us but we forget about the people around us. We relocate to other ends of the world and we move to bigger cities. We buy bigger houses and drive fancier cars. There is nothing wrong with being blessed. They say the rich get richer and it’s because they have learnt to steward their wealth. Then what is the real question we should be asking ourselves? Could it be that God wanted to use us in a way bigger capacity than we could have ever imagined or do we hold onto what looks good to our materialistic eyes and not beyond the now? Every story of favour mentioned saved a nation. The favour is never just for you but because he loves the people around you and you are the one he wants to use to make the difference. What if you were born for a time such as this?

Esther 4 verse 14

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will
arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who
knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

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