Behind the Scenes

This post is dedicated to a woman who shaped my life without even knowing it.

Not much is written about the women who supported the Gospel and funded the ministry. There names are mentioned and Paul often thanks them for their contributions and hospitality. They mostly operated Behind the Scenes but that does not discredit them in the least. They impacted nations by standing behind the Apostles.

I know a woman like this. I don’t know her surname. We have never had coffee and yet she played a role in my life. Most people see her at the door when they arrive at church and are greeted by her smile as she ushers them to a seat before she takes her own. I know her as Suanita. An usher in the church I attended but this usher is different from others she ushered in the prophetic in my life.

About two and half years ago God led me to come to Word of Faith Christian Centre after God had told me to move back home to Port Elizabeth. After sitting in church there was call for people who needed prayer. I had just encountered God in such a radical way in Durban and now found myself in this big church. Suanita came and prayed for me. She told me that one day I would be singing in the front of the church. I thought that was odd because I couldn’t picture singing in front of so many people. I didn’t sing to begin with but that was my very first prophetic word.

God told me to join a ministry team. I thought I would be good with kids but then realised that was not going to work I just did not have the patience. Then I saw an advertisement for auditions for singers in the church. At the time there was a shortage of mic singers and I thought well if what the woman said was true I would audition for choir. Three months later I was on the front mic just like she had prophesied.

One day I walked past her and she said to me I would become a Youth Pastor and flow mightily the prophetic and dance. I couldn’t understand that because I was unable to be part of Youth Leadership due to the shifts I was working and didn’t quite see myself as a dancer. This year March God led me to start a Revival at St Thomas High seeing hundreds of kids saved. Overnight becoming a shepherd because I now had a flock to attend too. She was right about the prophetic. God even leads me to prophecy over Muslims and led them to the Lord. The dancing I really did not expect but when I prophecy I sometimes dance. On one occasion I was standing behind Pastor Denver and he said to the mic singers release the song and I sang the song of the Lord. My friends still tease me up till this day. I danced when I gave the prophetic word and Suanita smiled and said I told you one day you would be up front there. I still don’t remember a thing of that evening.

I remember walking into church feeling so low. I didn’t know what was going on with me. I felt cold, was I backslidden? Why was I feeling numb? I remember saying to God, “tell me how to get out of this feeling? I walked past Suanita at the door that night she said God is doing a deep healing in you, He says you must ask for the fire. I did ask for it, fire is evident with Revival.

I remember the last word Suanita gave me it was about being shifted and repositioning for my next season. She was the only person bold enough to say what she saw. I was leaving to another ministry. I took it to the Lord and He confirmed everything in detail. I know she didn’t want to see me leave but I was grateful she was obedient above all.

I give all the glory to God for using Suanita and I thank him for her life and the way in which He uses her. It goes to show that God can use anyone who says they are available and who are obedient to his direction. There are gifts inside us ready to impact people. Sometimes it will be a word preached from a pulpit and sometimes it will be a word given as a welcome when you walk through the door from an usher ready to seat you. God wants to speak to us all the time sometimes even behind the scenes.


~ by shannonbhana on October 11, 2012.

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