Discerning the times and the seasons – The Issachar Anointing

The Sons of Issachar were those that knew which season it was. This sounds like a family gifting passed passed on from Issachar, a son of Jacob, to the next generation and by possible implication to further generations. It was a spiritual ability that was modelled by Issachar and taught to his offspring. Others were aware of it and came to inquire as to the ‘season’, that is they came to ask for guidance as to which course of action would prosper and which would not. This is a seer/prophetic type of anointing which contained a good measured of Spiritual discernment and revelation.

Why is it still important for the Issachar anointing to be relevant today?

Lets look at the key words in 1 Chronicles 12:32

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the time, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.”

  • Issachar – The meaning of this name is “he will bring reward, man for hire”
  • Men – a person, people
  • Understanding – to seperate mentally, to distinguish, be cunning, diligently, deal wisely, be prudent
  • Times – fortunes, occurrences. Fortunes mean success, prosperity, estates, possessions, wealth. Occurence means an event, an incident, happenings, circumstance.
  • Know – to know or ascertain by seeing. The Hebrew word know in this verse is yada, which is word that means god gives personal understanding and revelation, and is not a knowing that comes from reading a book for example.

By virtue of the name, we see that those who walk in the character and calling of the Issachar bring a sure reward to the Lord as well as a reward to the vineyard in which they are working. Thier mind is cunning, able to mentally distinguish between that which is wise and unwise. They diligently pursue understanding needed to live weel before the Lord. Issachar men and women receive understanding from the Lord himself, because they know God in an intimate manner. Because they are wise and prudent. Issachars are able to perceive and seize opportune times of success and wealth.

This is the anoitning needed to sustain revival. The anointing that births Kingdom financiers who are able to find wealth and offer it back as a sacrifice to God. This generation need to become wiser and more stratgic in their thinking. It is not enough for us to just be pew warmers or just considered with getting positions in church. God is calling for an increase of His government throughout the world. His is busy training those who are willing to be stewards of wealth and to not become selfish in the process. The prophets will become younger with age and so those birthing the next generation we cannot let this anoitning rest. It must walked to accompany the signs and wonders. It is just as much supernatural as miracles and signs to be able to discern what God is doing and to be able to run with Him in that season.

So what season is it now?

  1. A season of growing Global visitation by God
  2. A season of empowerment of the saints
  3. A season to open ancient wells and to old and new cluster anointing – Oil has been discovered in Israel. Israel will now become fully sustainable. That well was opened.
  4. A season to re-envision and to dream big dream again
  5. A season to release another generation into the end time purposes
  6. A season to make bold requests at the Throne Room
  7. A season for those who believ in God to do expolits

This is a very exciting time to be born in. Lets not waste it on idle talk but see what God is doing around the world and how we can be apart of it. Lets get into Gods chamber and ask Him. We want more of this anointing passed on to us and future generations. Issachar were the chief advisors to the Kings. Let us touch the people of influence with the knowledge and revelation of God.

Let your prayer be…….Whatever you doing God I want to be a part if it

A revivalists heart


~ by shannonbhana on October 11, 2012.

10 Responses to “Discerning the times and the seasons – The Issachar Anointing”

  1. Thank you for this!! Would appreciate any further such information. So blessed by this!!

  2. Thank you for timely and pertinent information. Please put me on your list to receive more articles

  3. my Bishop preached on the Issachar Anointing and i needed to know more about it. I thank you for this posting. it blessed me and i believe the Lord has bless me to walk in this anointing. thanks again for the understanding and letting the Lord use you.

  4. This is a powerful revelation. God bless you for you inspired message

  5. Normally I do not learn post on blogs, however I wish to say that this
    write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing
    taste has been amazed me. Thanks, quite nice article.

  6. It gave me great insight to what wants to do with my life and what His hearts desire is. Thank you for the mustering my faith.

  7. This post has been a tremendous blessing to me. I will be teaching on the Issachar Anointing at our local church. I’d like your permission to utilize some of the information you’ve shared. Is that ok?

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