You are my passion

The dictionary describes the word passion as fervour, ardour, obsession, infatuation, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, craze or a delight.

The description of the word passionate includes fanatical, obsessive, zealous, adoring and of course the word we all enjoy most “loving”. The 21st century has seen a library of self-help books come in aiding us to find what we call our “passion”. The supposed thing that will bring us so much joy once discovered. To be accompanied by excitement and zeal and that every day one would wake up to the feeling of sheer delight.

Steve Harvey was ministering on TBN once and he said something that night that was humorous but more than that had so much substance. Steve said that we can be passionate about many things. You could be passionate about basketball but could you ever play like Michael Jordan or make it to play in the NBA. What he was trying to say was that there will always be many things we are passionate about but how do we know what will bring us this joy we so much crave. To find this zeal that will keep us going in such a way that it almost becomes obsessive. Then Steve said it. It is not so much about passion you should be concerned about so much as the gift behind it.

Scriptures says that “one’s gift will make room for you”

I always wondered what that meant until one day I stepped out in faith. I knew that there were many gifts stored up inside me waiting for a time to come out. Spiritual gifts are a bit different from talents but still things we do easily. Spiritual gifts force us to come higher with God. I had to believe that they were ready to make an entrance. I was right. They were more than ready. Whatever you are waiting on, is waiting on you!!!

I knew I had the gift of healing inside me and it had to manifest itself but I was always waiting for this supposed right time when in fact there never is. Put in a position one day with no alternative but to pray. I prayed over a sick boy whose whole body had been covered in an almost snake like eczema. The body was healed in less than a week and you can see how clear the skin is. I cannot explain to you the joy I have when I see this boy. When he looks at me and smiles and tells me how his life has changed.  All I did was pray for him and introduce him to the Jesus I know.  I prayed for a girl whose brother had cancer, the next day the doctors found no trace of cancer in his body. When I look at that girl I see an overwhelming joy. It is rare and genuine and from this something inside me is stirred to continue moving in this gift.

The truth is I am passionate about God. I am zealous for him and what will make Him happy and please him because I am love-struck and that’s what you do when you in love. So I move in my spiritual gifts and see breakthrough after breakthrough and soon realise this is my passion. He is my passion, seeing a person set free is my passion and if my gift makes more room for me then great. Where you heart is your treasure lies and I know He is my heart’s desire. What is your passion?


~ by shannonbhana on October 11, 2012.

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