Letting Go


There are things and people who you have been holding on to that are no longer relevant to your life. You must now release everything that keeps you connected to the past in order to make room for what is coming. Much of what you have refused to let go of has actually become an anchor that holds you back. I call you to raise your anchors and unfurl your sails so that the wind of My Spirit can move you into the freedom of My purposes for you, says the Lord.

John 3:8 “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

As I read this word by Marsha Burns I could feel my heart drop inside in my chest. I knew God was asking me to give up something and someone. This year had so many someone’s. I have lost more relationships than any other year and the year is not over yet. That said this year has definitely been the most amazing and happiest year of my life. I have seen God’s hand on me like never before. I experienced being part of a Revival, Miracles, Salvations, Testimonies, Supernatural breakthrough in every realm. The opportunity to travel and with that comes the hard part. I call it the “letting go” part. I find that every time God wants to do a promotion in my life a shift happens. I stand at the door and watch someone leave my life. I wonder if there ever is a formula for getting people to stay or if God needs people to leave to make room for others to come.

The Word of God says obedience is better than sacrifice. Sometimes they feel like the same thing. It takes obedience to leave your nation and go to another nation and not be able to see your family for a long time. I think this must be how Abraham felt when he parted ways with his. He went into a foreign land to be established. God wants to moves us into the next season and next promotion but sometimes we are a lot like Lot’s wife. We turn and look back and in that moment we become pillars just as she was frozen in salt so we get frozen in fear and still stand. Watching people leave our lives feels like rejection. We ask ourselves whether we did something wrong or we didn’t try enough? In most cases rejection is protection. Letting go can be seen as protecting your heart from something later that could rip it apart.

So how do I get there you ask? It works this way with me. When I focus completely on God I realise that I move into a place that is new and I realise what and who I thought were important don’t seem to really matter to me. People always grow into our hearts and letting go feels like we uprooted their love. Perfect love casts out fear and if there is any fear then that probably wasn’t genuine love to begin with. A carbon copy of what God is yet to bring along. I won’t settle for false companionship. I will not settle for friendships which hold me in a place of comfortability that allows me to operate in mediocrity rather than confront my stagnancy. There will always be inner circles which will not change with time but there will be replacements for the Judas you have left to hang around. Your increase and promotion from God will not intimidate them or cause them to be jealous because they have experienced the blessing of the Lord. To increase in favour here’s a tip. Sit under and befriend someone who walks in a greater measure of favour than you.

God never removes without replacing. He always gives better. For our hurts he gives healing and for our despair joy. So when we surrender a thing or someone to God maybe it is because we trust God for more even when it feels like we tying our Isaac on the altar.


~ by shannonbhana on October 19, 2012.

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