Love Revolution

Today marks week six of my new settlement arrangement with the Lord. I am now living in the United States of America in the beautiful state of California in a small town called Redding. If you know what Redding is famous for you know why I am here?  Have you ever heard of the Jesus Culture Movement or the Church called Bethel? You guessed it; I am a student at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I relocated from South Africa six weeks ago when God said I would study further.

I am coming out of a revival atmosphere back home in South Africa and seeing miracles that would have most speechless for days. I have seen God’s love and His fire but I guess I never understood the measure of it. Coming here I often think what the school is going to offer me. When one comes from Africa you have a fairly good understanding of the supernatural but I am most amazed at what God is doing in my heart.  I see the fire of God in classes fall on people and it is so great to witness people encounter God but why can’t I feel the fire right now?

When I sit next to people in class they end up falling sleep next to me. It’s pretty weird, because it even happened in church. A man who I never saw before said that he got healed by sitting next to me. I thought how this was possible and then he said to me that his body went into a state of peace around me and he could feel the presence of God. So here I was, wanting the fire but God was giving me His peace and it was overflowing onto the next person. I was leaking.

God has told me not to pray for people this season but just to rest in His presence. I have been doing that and surprisingly God has been using me in a different way. I heard about this woman months back that God uses mightily. She is called by many as a General in God’s army. Her weapon of choice is so different though. She fights with a weapon of love. I heard about how she loves to hug people and that because of the love of God she carries people get healed and restored. I thought to myself I want that God. I call it the hug anointing.

Yesterday as I was walking to class a girl walked pass me and fell under the power of God. I have seen her around before. Full of tattoo art, really pretty and I knew God had His eye on this girl. She is so out of the box. The power of God came on her and she cried so loud. I could hear her heart opening up. I remember thinking why is no body stopping. We are quite use to seeing things like this in class. God just encounters people. Then I realised I needed to stop. So I sat there and stroked her face and held her as she cried for what felt like hours. I told my friend I missed worship because I got stuck hugging someone till the person stopped crying. Her response hit me. She said Shannon that’s how we met. I was crying my heart out at camp and you sat next to me and held me for a very long time. It looks like the lesson is being repeated.

I have been doing it without realising that it was what I desired. I love the fire and I love miracles but I think God is changing my mind and my weaponry. He wants me to use love as my sword to fight an enemy that wants a generation to feel isolated, broken and rejected. So even if I don’t see a miracle this year I will be happy with God increasing my capacity to love. To be able to love and have the heart of God is a miracle worth telling. I want to be part of this love revolution that displays God’s heart.


~ by shannonbhana on October 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Love Revolution”

  1. That’s awesome you’re going to BSSM. I plan to be up there for Jesus Culture in Jan.

  2. I’m.glad God is fulfilling His spoken over you. Rest in His love. Shalom

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