There are so many great faith bloggers on wordpress.com that it can be overwhelming and easy for many of them to slip through the cracks going unnoticed.

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of some of the Christian blogs I’ve come across that I’ve enjoyed reading. What are your favorites? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or a link to your Christian blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Art, Education and Jesus – http://johneruggles.wordpress.com/About

The Beausejour Pulpit – http://thebeausejourpulpit.wordpress.com/About

Beauty In The Broken – http://pieana.wordpress.com/About

Believe Today! – http://believe2day.com/About

Bible Verse a Day – http://gemsofgodsgrace.wordpress.com/About

The Blessed Ewe – http://theblessedewe.com/ – About

By the Blood of the Lamb – http://bythebloodofthelamb.com/About

Celebrate Recovery – http://melbourne614rc.wordpress.com/About

A Christian Journey of Overcoming – http://robinclaire.wordpress.com/About

Christian Meditation – http://achristianmeditation.wordpress.com/About

Evangelist Ministry – http://evangelistministry.wordpress.com/About


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~ by shannonbhana on November 3, 2012.

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